Our new phone number is 0200 501 200

Effective communication is a vital component of the service we offer. And whilst our efforts in this area thus far have not been marginal, we’re always seeking to improve. Now, thanks to the feedback we’ve been receiving from both our clients and in-house team, we are making some changes to polish up in this area.

We’re extremely pleased to kick off this campaign to refine and ultimately change the Service Centre contacts you have used to reach us to date.

Contrary to the current trend, we’re not doing this because the Uganda Communications Commission blocked our old numbers. The reason for this change is based solely on our effort to achieve value addition and efficiency improvements in our service chain for you; our valued customers, and our in-house Service Centre team respectively.

To avoid disruption in the service our previous telephone numbers will remain active for the next 3 months as we intensify our sensitisation efforts.

And while this may not seem like a big change, it will go a long way to help us improve on our efficiency with a host of back-end processes that it integrates into our system. Furthermore, our in-house data indicates that this change translates into a lower cost on calls for the majority of our customers.

We are grateful to you for your continued interest and invaluable feedback that helps direct our efforts to improve the service.

See you soon in any of our cabs as We Take You There.

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